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tv   San Francisco Government Television  SFGTV  September 19, 2016 4:00am-6:01am PDT

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about town hall meetings, press conferences and it goes towards transparency but there is a strong concern there is not enough information getting out there and more importantly it's taking way too long. we will explain as you can look at this very little has to do with the commission. in fact the timeliness issue goes back towards the agencies involved and candidly the district attorney's office so we could only do so much but before we hear a case the da's has to send in the final letter and something we dealt with so it's anne issue with the commission since i have been on it it takes a long time for the investigations to close. we have seen circumstances and in san mateo county and something about their office and all options and the grand jury want things to move
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faster but we have to do things right and let's look at the recommendations and in your packet there is are findings and the first finding is that because the sfpd consistently doesn't meet the time frame in its own general order and the investigations of the incidents are completed and the general order creates false expectations for the citizens of san francisco so we i have draft response here but the key is in the second paragraph. most is outside our control and another important factor is that when these guidelines were put in place by them there are issues involving -- there's now technology now. it takes time for dna testing and the new technology in place so again this is all outside our control and we are entire dependent what we get back from the police departments. the occ does the
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independent investigation and hinges how long it takes the district attorney's office to complete their investigation so commissioners take a look at this draft paragraph and if there's any input to what you would like to see added to it please feel free. >> so i think this first -- you know just to put a finer point i think we want to thank the civil grand jury for the amount of work they put into this and you made this point commissioner there were recommendations of the da's office the police department and the occ and a couple relating to the commission and mostly around public disclosure. this issue seems consistent with more about the police department not meeting time frames and i believe our response is appropriate here. i mean we've gone over this for years and years and unfortunately to close the cases we require the district attorney to make a charging decision that is running at two, three years average so and i think we
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outline here and it's helpful that one of the determinations when it's ultimately in policy whether it's lawful and that is the decision the district attorney so i don't have corrections to this section. i don't know colleagues if there are any suggestions here. >> may i? >> yeah. >> i think it sounds right but it strikes me need to amend the general orders and the -- [inaudible] (low audio). perhaps we need to correct it to say that the police investigation should be completed within a certain amount of time and forwarded to the da's office without a final conclusion. >> i actually think you're right that part of the -- it might be looking back and i don't know if there's -- commissioner mazzucco if you discussed this and with those orders did you think there was room for clarification that manages expectations or closely to what we know and the visit
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investigations on the police side are wrapped up but linger with the district attorney's office. >> >> . the police department is meeting the goal. we haven't had an issue with the san francisco police department where they submitted their reports in a timely fashion so again the false expectation and the public cease this and the police department has to have it done by this time but after that it's out of our control and that what it boim boils down to. >> >> i think when it's done and submit toed office and it's a version much done but it's not done until the da does the charging and it's confusing for me as a commissioner and for the public too but it's good to see -- i don't know if other commissioners want to weigh in on that and the finding is that
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the police department -- that's my experience they comply with the timelines but there is an issue with the perception with the office. >> you will see later on one of the recommendations on the website is where the police department is at with the investigations so we request show so we can show one transparency and they should have a study to streamline the investigation process with the goal of reducing the overall time to conduct the full investigation and the recommendation reviewed by the u.s. department of justice through cops and we met with them -- actually this issue came up. commissioner loftus was there and this is one of the more global where we're looking at best practices and in some
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jurisdictions for example when there is an officer involved shooting the state agency does the investigation separate from the da and the doj and/or the sheriff's office and we're waiting to hear the best practices from the doj and again everyone wants to streamline the process but keep in mind the only thing we can do as the commission is control how the police department does their part. commissioners do you agree with that? >> yeah. i actually was wondering -- yeah, it makes sense this is an issue where if there is a revision to a d go that would come from u.s. doj because we have discussed how to address issues around o iss. >> and the next recommendation is what commissioner hwang was talking about and changing d
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goes to reflect a different timeline and we're meeting our timelines. i don't know if we need to give our department anymore time before they support the report to the district attorney's office or be careful about giving less time because they're crucial investigations. commissioners anything like that. dr. marshall. >> i remember when we got these timelines down. we have improved so much. at times this is history here but getting these timelines -- and again i -- if you can unravel the issue what happens when it's out of our hands please do so. that's the real issue here. how many times have i said it doesn't have a commission and someone speed them up. they bring it all here. no, i don't know if
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you can make it tighter -- [inaudible] it's that simple. >> again this is more of a global report from the grand jury and about the occ and the da's office and the police department and i think the grand jury they get these things in a vacuum and they did great work but i think it's very difficult thing for them to separate out who is involved and get our roles and the police department. there was a recommendation for example -- the next one that we support the occ's funding request for proposed budget for transcription. all said and done. nothing to say here. we have done that so thank you. the next recommendation the police commission should make official policy to hold press conferences as soon as possible after each o is incident. we speak with some of the members of the command staff were present in the meeting when and
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when not to have a press conference. that is out of the elm of the commission. it's the police department's prerogative to do that and we will talk about town hall meetings later and let's be transparent. obviously the public expects to hear from the chief or a designee and the incident that took place and the worst case scenario is not say anything at all but be careful what we say given the parameters and there is a recommendation with the current practice and you know it will be implemented when it's warrant reasonable and no two situations are alike and commissioners take a look at that and it's up to the prerogative of the police chief to do what they want. >> my issue whether it's a best practice to do. my thought
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is why wouldn't say i imagine doj would have a position on this. i think thoi thought san francisco previously was doing a good thing and sharing the information. i know it's controversial and causes other issues and they're prejudging the investigation and maybe they think it's a best practice and commissioner the recommendation has not been -- needs further analysis and then we talk about it reviewed by u.s. doj. >> (encoder dropped)
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and we should put in there about the doj and it's a great idea. >> my suggestion is recommendation requires further analysis and use the language -- yeah, include this recommendation is reviewed by u.s. doj and we can include that information because i think it's helpful information to include in there but maybe under the rubric of requiring further analysis because we certainly don't want to be in a situation and we're not doing something and doj says it's a recommendation and we do that. >> when i met with the doj they said it was the best practice we were doing and the chief had a standing policy to meet and talk after a shooting and i think the community complained that some of the
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information provided seemed to reach a conclusion. they didn't want a conclusion but just the facts so anyway i think we should change it and it's under investigation. i think we should provide information. the department should provide information. >> [inaudible] [off mic] actually i am less concerned about a press conference being held but what people want out of the press conference and the frustration may be that even if the press conference is held i am not getting what i want to hear so is that considered at all? or just the fact -- if a press conference is held and this is what i know and what i say -- is that the issue or is the issue the information i get out of the press conference? did that come up? >> yeah this initial issue is just having a press conference. for example i was looking at this last week and watching the news the other day and officer
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involved shooting in the south bay and we know there is a shooting and helicopter and no one has told us anything and it's been six hours and that's the flip side and lead to speculation and then the issue of what the chief can say. it's not necessarily the content. >> so maybe -- so that was a suggestion for a change on that recommendation. i do want to keep going to recommendation 12b. >> [inaudible] >> i'm sorry. >> that's okay. >> sorry. >> i apologize. sfpd and the police commission should make policy for them to post updates on the website as soon as possible after each o is incident and we agree with that so the question is what do we put as the update? and that's a policy we will implement in the future. i want to know if there is disagreement to that and the content? seeing none.
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>> i would include that -- doj because we is not the civil grand jury report to doj so they might weigh in and say we're reviewing best practices of the other agencies. the fact that we have collaborative reform going takes care of that and they can let us know what the best practice is. >> the next prsmses 12.a. sfpd and the commission should hold town meetings a week after the incident and this recommendation requires further analysis and i think that's my take on. under chief suhr for the last five years there was immediately a town hall meeting in the district or location near by where the shooting occurred and it's been met with mixed results. the chief would make a statement and presentation from someone from the command staff. we as commissioners would show the community we're listening but we heard things and we're
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there with the staff at the press conference. it look it is like we're -- looks like we're siding with the presentation with the chief or the police department and ultimately we're the body that decides whether or not there should be charges administratively against the officers if in fact it doesn't pan out so this is a work in process and as which ares we like to be there for the town hall meetings and it's good for some communities and incident it is felt comfortable about it and more information and what can be shared. >> >> and there are restrictions and candidly i think it's within the chief's prerogative whether they want a meeting. they're responsible to the community and there are recommendations here about other methods of doing it by sending out the district captain, dealing with people they know in the community, people in the community and sending the message out that way so this is a work in process and it's going to need some analysis. >> thank you commissioner.
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can we add doj to this one too and requires further analysis as a reference point. >> i should add them to everything and they're the subject matter experts. >> especially it's somewhere we don't know yet and requires further nal. i think that would be helpful and helpful for the grand grapd to track where it goes and if there is agreement there and action and track it. >> i would be interested to know how the doj feels about this because i want to know if they think that the town halls have made things better or worse because i have been -- the ones i have been to i definitely think -- if you ask me i think the chief should look at the pums of what is going on before he decides to do. the ones i have seen and i have been at all of them and i don't know if they actually made things better so that's my initial thought and comment and i would want to see
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that recommendation about that. >> yeah. >> trying to calm things down. you know -- i don't know if it necessarily does that. >> i agree and having attended many of them there are members of the community that want to talk and share and groups from the outside that don't have the same interest and the press loves coming there and even if the chief says five or six things about the event the press covers people outside operating on misinformation and it's dicey and we need to hear from the doj about that. >> i admire the chief going out into those -- yeah. >> commissioner dejesus. >> you guys go back and forts i want to say something and i think you misspoke and whether we will bring charges. >> >> i don't think you meant to say that. we do discipline and not bring. charges and i would like to know the best practices of community meetings and
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inquiry into that or maybe the doj will tlts 'll it us. >> yeah, it's an open issue. >> this moves into the next recommendation which is 12.b. the police chief, the supervisor for the district in which the incident occurred and da and occ and the police commission and members of the task force and see the recommendation -- [inaudible] a and b should attend the town hall meetings and acknowledge the seriousness of the situation so again this is something we just talked about and it's recommendation is requires further analysis but i think that's similar to what we said and it's clear that the commission takes every officer involved shooting seriously and all of the agencies and the occ and the town hall concept needs to be reviewed and curious what
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the doj has to say. >> [inaudible] >> so we will add doj to this one as well and further analysis in the body of the paragraph. >> the next recommendation 13.a is the sfpd and the police commission made policy to release names of all officers involved within each incident within ten days and that's the policy and implemented and that's been done and gets into the next recommendation you know essentially the only time the names are not released is -- this is recommendation 13.c. it's been implemented if there is a credible threat to the officers. if there is information that the police department has that says that the officers may be at risk there's a threat from the community or elsewhere and if it's credible then the police department has has the discretion not to release the
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names and that is a recommendation already implemented. so the grand jury made the recommendation and it's been implemented. recommendation r .15 the police commission or o is investigation oversight task force and in addition to summarizes the findings and conclusions and investigations recommending this all under r 8.a and b and examine the fatal incidents with a view of lessons learned and answering the following questions. what circumstances contributed to this? and the interactions of the officer and the suspect handled differently so the loss of life didn't occur. what lessons should be tried and lessons and learns and policies revised or reviewed because ofs t incident and the
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recommendation hasn't been implemented but in the future and reviewed by the department of justice collaborative review team and compared to best practices and that's the recommendation at this point and time but candidly that's what we have been doing and the police department does that in terms of each officer involved shooting. they look at it and like they monday morning quarter backed around it. commissioner dejesus. >> it says publish their finds and i don't know what they mean and share the highlights in the town hall. we don't do that now that i know of and something that the doj is looking at and instead "maybe implemented for further analysis" because we don't do this. >> yeah, i also think that doj said in the initial with feedback of useful force and pulled things from the president's task force and one was a serious incident review
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board. i think they're looking at firearms discharge review board and our system with the commissioners being the ultimate decision making about discipline, the trade off not to be a vote be member there and role for community and i agree that we should say that the recommendation maybe implemented in the future and i think the answer is sufficient around doj. >> and they said we should have completely independent investigation and not have the department investigate itself so i am waiting how they will follow up on that so i think this is up in the air. >> commissioner hwang. >> i thought it was partially done. there was a process and the sergeant makes recommendations out of the firearm discharge review board and had this and take a change in policy -- >> [inaudible]
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>> (talking over one another). >> after the fatal o is on market street where the suspect was able to take out the officer's gun by using a downward swipe and immediately implemented the placement of the guard over the top of the weapon to stop and defeat that maneuver so there is and during the firearms discharge review board there are recommendations so it's partially done but again this looks to be a request for formalized process that wraps up everything in the police department and the commission and everyone has done in one report to report out. >> it might be good to include commissioner a couple of lines we have been looking at policy, the process to make sure that policy changes don't linger following an officer involved shooting but i definitely agree that the mechanism missing i think chief you said that and mow how we xeekt with the public and we're doing it but how we
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we communicating to trust the public. thank you so much for taking the lead on this and doing all this work. as everyone knows following it is agendas there is a tremendous work before us so thank you for taking lead. we will take public comments that maybe some of the changes can be made and is it possible to bring it back next week with a clean copy for action for the commission to vote on it and see the changes? >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> yes, as long as -- we have a meeting tomorrow with the sub-committee of the board of supervisors. they asked that we bring a draft so i can make those changes tomorrow but let them know it's a draft -- >> final approval for the commission. >> and bring it back on the 21st. >> thank you. >> let's go ahead and take public comment on this item. public comment on item 2. good evening. welcome back. >> [inaudible] [off mic] page three. i don't have a problem saying it requires further
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analysis but disturbed to hear the discussion about transparency. it's difficult but it's incredibly important and i know the town hall meetings are uncomfortable and anger. they serve a pressure valve purpose and give a place to show their anger. 50 years ago a african-american man was killed in hunters point leaving a scene of a stolen car and shot in the back and riots in hunlt hunt and national guard was called out and tanks were going down the street. we need to keep going on transparency and to remind you the president's task force says you need transparency and accountability to build public trust and legitimacy and this department responded and we told the town hall meetings and enhance and trust and engagement, even
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angry engagement and dialogue and conclusion. now four months since jessica williams was killed and there wasn't a town hall meeting then and it got disruptive. i would argue it's related to trust and the accuracy of information and the spin. some is people are going to be angry after the incidents and they have a right. you want them to express it non violently even if it's yelling and go back to the practice and start releasing information now. just four months after she was killed we won't know how much bullets were fired or where the officer was fired? the report was ree leased and why don't we have that information and transparency is important when it's most difficult and that's what you're talking about here.
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>> thank you. next speaker. again this is public comment on item 2. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> [inaudible] johnson and appeal the court hearing that sfpd should be inclined to be sharing information that -- [inaudible] policies changing because that's the main important thing of dna is one of the reasons for a professional [inaudible]. we should make sure the that the policy -- my policies are even [inaudible] together on this so we don't want [inaudible]. is tht reason why? it is causes a lot of
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chaos [inaudible] police department not even in the might mind -- [inaudible] police. they have -- not be in there and no way because of the numbers are the same and oakland and i asked them to change the court hearing and i haven't heard no reply and i tried to talk to -- i had another lawyer i talked to this about this and see if they would work and live again because this is what it's all about and this is really --
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[inaudible] try and do sfpd -- mistrust. >> thank you ms. johnson want next speaker. >> welcome back mr. gilbert. >> yes. grand jury needs to be quick in this day and age especially with the police investigating unit, professional investigating unit. they should be able to handle facts and figures. the coroner's report, the ballistics test should be released immediately to the city and again brought here. and then the question of the videos i believe we're tossing that up in the air for more. they need to be part of the release almost as soon as possible. we're talking confidence. the
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criminal justice system on the whole needs to be refurbished. thank you. >> thank you want next speaker. >> >> welcome back. >> hi. thank you. i remember this from when we were trying to get chief suhr terminated that one of the main reasons we were seeking his removal was the way he handled officer involved shootings and i remember quoting from the u.s. doj from president bam's 21st century task force and "when serious incidents occur including those involving alleged police misconduct agencies should communicate with citizens and the media swiftly openly and neutrally respecting areas where the law requires confidentiality" and i know in new york city when a shooting
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occurs when the mayor and the chief of police conduct a press conference together and that's the stature that such an act is held at and the mayoral level and neutrally describe the facts as they know them to be at that point and don't try to exxon rate the officers involved and i think it's a really important practice in officer involved shootings. i think still recommendation eight in the grand jury report about forming the joint task force in officer involved shootings i don't think you spoke to that one. >> that's not a recommendation for the commission. >> okay. but i thought the district attorney received enough budget to have now an independent area of the district attorney that will handle these officer involved shootings. that was my understanding. >> we don't really respond to that but yes they received that today. >> okay. i also want to give
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the fliers. we doing an event on september 24 on the blue ribbon panel and life for the commissioners to come to that event. >> thank you. next speaker. >> good evening again commissioners, chief. i was actually one of the people -- david elliot louis here and interviewed by the civil grand jury and i will make some brief comments and recommendations i made involved these shootings. i believe there should be a town hall and unfortunate there wasn't one after the jessica williams incident and any video collected from the community either cell phones or surveillance cameras be disclosed to the public and witness statements, civilian
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witness statements should be disclosed fully and the last town hall that chief suhr held he released witness statements but only selected statements and parts of the statements that were convenient. i think you would build a lot of trust if the full witness statements were released. sometimes the data available and from the discovery process and litigation but why wait for that? the community commenced through statements or surveillance. if the department has it share it out. i knowledge you will build -- i think you will build trust and show that the shooting is justified, maybe not and build trust. i hope you consider releasing this additional information after any officer
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involved shootings and hopefully no more and if there are the more you say the better in terms of community trust. thank you for your consideration. >> thank you. any further public comment on this matter? hearing none public comment is closed. sergeant please call the next item. >> item 3 and discussion and action to adopt general order personal use of social media action. >> colleagues this has been subject of decision of the commission for i would say at least a year, the need to give direction. i know that chief suhr issued a directive a bulletin giving clarity and we have someone here to do this and while it's on for action it's
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of such significance i think we should think about it and ask questions and put it over if folks need more time and not prepared to vote tonight so with that deputy chief. >> [inaudible] [off mic] commissioners, chief, director hicks. i will give a overview of the personal general order social media. over the years several bulletins were issued for issues -- discussing issues on emerging social media platforms and instagram and twitter and facebook et cetera and issues officers utilize tg officer them as members of the police department so the department bulletins were issued and started development of the general order on this issue. the department consulted with several stakeholders, the
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office of citizen complaints, the city attorney's office, poa and developed the draft bulletin. we consulted with the city attorneys to make sure we weren't infringing on first amendment rights with the general order. the intent of this order is prevent members from under mining investigations, from impacting the department's credibility with the conduct they engage in on social media and also to make sure they're not under mieping or interfering with official police business as they present themselves as police department members on the personal social media so if you look through the order you will see there are specific restrictions regarding members use of posting on social media in uniform, posting logos insignias et cetera and the focus of this general order is the conduct of the member not necessarily the speech. we
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just want to make sure that's clear because again throughout the development of this general order we want to make sure we weren't infringing on individual members first amendment rights so the department did develop this draft and forward to the police commission for you to consider and it's the department of position we recommend that you do approve this order. with they open it up to any questions. >> deputy chief who has credibilitied to the creation of -- contributed to the creation of this? >> it was several members within the police department, the city attorney's office, poa and occ. >> okay. so the occ has weighed in on this version and provided recommendations? okay. well great. i see samra
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coming up. >> yes. we've had opportunity to review and provide feedback on this department general order. >> and any -- in your estimation are there any external stakeholders or folks we would benefit from just making sure we covered everything here? this is an emerging area. >> i didn't consult with outside community based organizations. what we did internally look at situations that the agency or police department had with problematic behaviors and the social media general order covered those instances and i looked at other jurisdictions and their social media examples they were using and thought what the department had done was in many ways better than some of the other jurisdictions and it was a thoughtful document.
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>> do you recall which other jurisdictions you reviewed their policies? because that was one of my questions. who else has a policy and what is their policy? >> i apologize off hand i don't have the names but i looked at larger departments as well as some in the midwest who had recently -- i believe i looked at albuquerque and seattle and i believe new york. i'm sorry. i did look at a number of them. >> okay. deputy chief this document also i believe this went through the traditional way to get policy and at the final stages so has this gone through the meet and confer process with the police officers association. >> yes it had. >> and any changes we make would trigger that process to reopen? >> if it's significant yes but
4:40 am
maybe not and have the discussion but not trigger meet and confer. >> okay. i have some questions but commissioner dejesus. >> so i have been hearing about this social media and for some reason i kept tying it with the racist text messages and reading it different. it's not compromising any investigation and things like that and so yeah it makes sense to me so when i go back and the only back about prohibiting discrimination and retaliation and -- [inaudible] good to attach that 1107 for discrimination and harassment so i can see and i am concerned about the racist texts and i am not sure about that and it's just referenced here. i'm not sure if that 1107 would include posting on social media or private texts information that out right racist and homophobic
4:41 am
or interpreted that way. and so i don't know if 1107 covers that so i had a vague -- bigger picture of social media. when i read it i get it now but i am wondering if it addresses the other issues that we had that are prominent and i thought it would be covered in the social media one. >> it addresses (paused). >> social media that you think is protected that they need to know specifically -- they can be subject to discipline but yeah everything falls under 2.01 and
4:42 am
i thought we were going to address that and i guess we're not. >> text messages are not social media. >> i said both. >> i guess for purposes of this -- it's interesting because i don't put the text messages in this rubric and what is going on facebook and twitter and i fine line of balancing someone's first amendment right but with the extension that officers are held to a higher standard on and off the job and that is clarification and i understand your points. the point is we're trying to make it clear what is expected and to me text messages are a different form of communication that would not be -- this policy wouldn't cover it specifically. commissioner. >> thank you very much. i have been asking for this and watching the process and i have actually spoken to some of the federal agents. this is a really 11. >> >> it's well put together. again the issue that you
4:43 am
touched on and the outside group they tauped to chime in is the aclu and when the officer's first amendment rights go into this and conduct unbecoming of an officer and delicate balance and our officers are held on to a higher standard and i thought they would look at it and where it merges and the disciplinary and we didn't hear from them and i have to thank samra marion and the department and we have agreement on a pretty good document -- >> [inaudible] i'm sorry. members are prohibit the from posting on personal social media photographs of themselves in uniform or display. now, i understand that not to be
4:44 am
promotions or ceremonies and citations and the like, but what about the ordinary performance of course of duty? would that be prohibited? [inaudible] >> correct. it is. it's presented. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> okay. >> yeah. city attorney wants to chime in. >> i just want to make sure i understood your question because i may have misheard and subsection 3 b the last line says the prohibitions doesn't apply to official ceremonies and some are listed but it's not exhaustive so if it's an official department -- >> i understand that so if a officer is out in the street performing the ordinary course of duty and snaps a picture and
4:45 am
give the officer the picture they may not post it themselves. >> the officer may not post a picture with the department's insignia. that's what the department is able to control and our badges and anything that identifies them part of sfpd. >> maybe commissioner it's the limitation of department ceremonies. that sounds like maybe there's a reason -- that seems like pretty specific. >> correct. during the discussion that came up that some of the officers that want to celebrate a promotion or hired they would give them that limited opportunity if they so choose to post it but if they're engaged on duty activities we don't want them represented as on the personal social media and posting that along with all the other activities they may be
4:46 am
engaged in off duty. >> yeah. i have a question. do you have more questions? >> yeah, but i need to read this closer and do research. >> yeah 3a members are prohibited from any personal use of social media on duty except as official duties authorized. "use of social media" is vague to me and i on break and use my personal iphone -- i'm not on facebook and twitter is social media and i am scrolling and i like the occ was doing something and i like it technically i used it on the job but it's my personal phone and i liked it so i guess use of social som seemed vague to me. so somebody that did that is in violation of the policy. that's the way i read it. i don't know if there is thought to it. >> if it's commission it's not
4:47 am
personal use but they're doing the business of the department. >> i guess for me and i am at northern station in my car. i am on a break but maybe sitting there and people in the world look at their phones all the time and i presume officers do that and on the personal phones and i presume the person is on a break using social media most people past time using social media and i just don't want to set up a standard for officers that isn't clear and how do we define use. sergeant you're shaking your head. do you have insight here? >> the attorney asked me a question whether we get breaks. we're paid for the whole day. i will let the chief answer but -- >> that's correct commissioners. so officers on duty they're on duty throughout the shift and paid and we i have a prohibition conducting personal business on duty and
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they're prohibited from conducting personal business like facebook while on duty. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> okay. that is quite a standard to hold but i understand now if you have a personal phone officers -- are we clear with them at the academy and ongoing and are the captains enforcing that? >> we will make sure that's understood. >> okay. yes commissioner hwang. >> so if you have an officer on duty and somebody comes up to them and says "can i take a picture with you?" is that okay if they're in uniform. >> they don't get to post it.
4:49 am
>> what about if the other person posts it tags them and the language should we have members are prohibited from posting or causing to be posted or the at a function and a friend takes a picture and tags them because there are officer safety concerns i am reading into it -- >> i'm sorry. can you repeat that. >> seems part of the philosophy is safety reason and don't want them identified as sfpd so do we want it more passive and on face you're not posting but others tagging and you in uniform and identified publicly. >> >> it defeats the public safety part -- i think the philosophy of this general order. >> that's part of it. to answer the question if a citizen wants to take a picture and in uniform. i think what we're
4:50 am
trying to do officers in the social environment and other officers and tag each other and now during a public records search you can identify who other under cover officers are and for the broader review you have to think of the officers under mining their ability to conduct department business. they're posting their images or themselves in uniform on their social media pages which has a running history of their conduct and then they may be subject to subpoena or those their social media page is subject to subpoena and in court environment and uses to discredit them on the stand what they post on social media and educated members everything is a matter of public record or available for public review and brought in to under mine anything they do as a police
4:51 am
officer when testifying in court or any other type of law enforcement relate the activities. >> >> but to answer the question -- (low audio) ([off mic] once they have possession it's their property and can do what they want. this is directed at the officers in possession of the photographs themselves but when others take them it's completely out of the realm and control of the officers and the policy -- [inaudible] [off mic] district the conduct -- direct the conduct of the private citizens. >> i think commissioner hwang brings up an interesting point what you can't be responsible for but it's on your page and tagged and other people can comment too. was there thought
4:52 am
and case of bias or homophobic comments and not whether or not the officer said it but what is the response was if they found messages to be racist or homophobe ib and especially the their rank and made it clear they're the views that person held and how is it contemerated on facebook. the officer has a facebook page and maybe approved message at a sergeant or something. offensive. >> >> ceremony and offensive response is given by the uncle and could be offensive. was there any thought given to what if anything the officer should do? is the officer not responsible for what is said on the page? again they're just questions because these things are playing out every day so i don't know if that was contemplated. >> in a scenario like that we
4:53 am
want to follow up with and bring the officer in and question and determine if he holds those views, if he is part of that conversation so that would definitely trigger an inquiry or investigation. >> got it. and that's the other question and this didn't specifically indicate what happens as a result and given it's going to be hard to figure out the process for -- how we -- obviously we're -- we're not staffed to monitor everyone's facebook account nor are we and i don't know if there is anything given here how these are going to be investigated or audited or any process there? >> they come to our attention through various channels, methods, other members, the community, however they come to our attention we will investigate it. >> okay. >> but we won't be actively --
4:54 am
[inaudible] social media's media to look at things [off mic] and just because the text messages are discovered and generally another investigation that allows access entry into these areas through a search warrant, but that's generally -- [inaudible] [off mic] we will want be actively going into -- we will not actively going into people's accounts. >> under the general order the department is prohibited from looking at the facebook accounts in general. >> has doj reviewed this one? >> no, they have not. >> okay. i don't know if it would be useful to get feedback from them. that would be my suggestion before we finally adopt it, but other comments? questions? colleagues. okay. so my suggestion we be that we advance to next week if possible and for further discussion and
4:55 am
possible action. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> final draft and possible action on that final draft. any concerns, suggestions? no. okay. thank you. we will do public comment. i'm going to do public comment on item 3 and general public comment. come on up. thank you deputy chief and samra. good evening and welcome. >> good evening. my name is joy johnson and the issue of this investigation was a court hearing that was done in washington, d.c. and this is . in 2006 -- [inaudible] and on that draft is something that
4:56 am
is able [inaudible] and the reason why a lot of people are trying to find out -- [inaudible] is because he's done this on purpose. you don't realize this is a court hearing done in washington, d.c.. we need to pay attention to it and ask [inaudible] because this is no laughing matter. and our life and to do this our world in which i have already since 48 years of frightened and battled every day to retain life in the world and nobody realizes that [inaudible] done on this process and this is why you know something that needs to be
4:57 am
[inaudible] real fast and [inaudible] says is not true. they're lies. i'm not going to rat on something like that. [inaudible] taking our freedom is what we need to psychologically [inaudible] with and what we have endured and why you feel like that? because you shouldn't be feeling like that because freedom has lot to do with our new change of reality and we're going to keep doing this then you got a problem. you need to get with somebody professional that is going to you know really in line with this deal because this is no laughing matter. nothing in the world that we have built on we did real hard working because
4:58 am
this extra time for our planets and our -- [inaudible] in our hearts, in our lungings -- lung kidneys and hearts and the police department has a lot of. they don't realize that that. they need -- [inaudible] what this is about [inaudible] and what goes into -- [inaudible] it has a lot to do how bodies are made and dna and
4:59 am
everything -- >> thank you. >> -- and how it's done and that has a lot to do with reality, not something that we want because we babies. we want [inaudible] that goes behind it. [inaudible] nothing like that. and drugs -- >> thank you. ms. ion son. next speaker. these are two items. >> apologize for last week. i was here when we discussed the video release many weeks ago when the chief reiterated the statement i recognized it. it's obvious i am not 100% sure of
5:00 am
what it was about when it was spoken about. i will bring it up again. next thing -- a clarification. the department -- officers can use their phone, yes when they're on duty or are they not allowed to use -- apple phone, smartphone. i don't know if that is allowable. next thing three police officers walk into a neighborhood. two are ten year vets that never fired a bullet and a recruit, a new graduate, and none of them are wearing their gunbelts. they're wearing casual light. what happens? the community recognizes that these people are
5:01 am
not here to shoot them. next involvement is with the community. will the community have those officers' backs? you want to talk about getting involved in -- being involved in creating trust in the neighborhood. i would like to see some volunteers, a program along that. if you get a new police chief recruit to the be the new chief and they recognize. they say "we have been involved with gunless peace officers." i would be leaning that way a little bit. a young gal here said something about approaching the police, how intimidated the uniform is. that may be part -- another person said the new policies for
5:02 am
the 21st century. it's kinds of a little bit odd to think of a patrol men or woman without a gunbelt, with a light belt but again they have their badge. they have the microphone. how fast can we gettany oakley to the scene? and if we can hold off the scene we can evaluate the scene. we can then direct the scene what is happening want i like the idea of ten year vets. before i said that didn't pull their gun out of their holster and fire a bullet. i spoke to one police officer, a sergeant, rachel killshaw and said there were three police officers pulled the gun out of
5:03 am
the holster and never fired and she thought they would like to be included. that's what i got and they were like to be included and we're part of the team that didn't fire a pull get holding a gun and you may shoot someone and it's a tense moment in a person's life . i don't think they forget it. and to walk away from that edge and they don't want to do that again it's a good teaching for the new graduates and how to learn to be comfortable without a belt, a casual belt. i think it would be good for the community, good for the police. is that me? thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. good evening. welcome back. >> david elliot louis. greetings commissioner, chief.
5:04 am
this is about the changing needs of cit. i'm a trainer, part of the mental health working group. a year ago -- over a year ago we were doing three, four trainings a year and now ever other month. we have a big charge but our staff resources, the department resources haven't increased. right now we have one full time lieutenant, lieutenant molina and part time sergeant, laura cohen and while they're dedicated hard working people they're not enough. they need help. lieutenant molina has put in a request for at least four additional full time employees to help run the program, handle the evaluations. every training produces a stack of evaluations like this almost 2,000 pages. it's a lot of paperwork to go through. we need help. they don't have a desk to store the evaluations so we're seeking
5:05 am
office space and staff. i know the lieutenant will put in the request and i am hoping you upon honor it and you will give us the resources we need. >> >> it will help us do a better job and fulfill the mission of cit. i submit this for the informational benefit the commission but i am talking to chief. i hoping he supports it when the requests come up the line for additional employees and for cit and need it for the program to work. we're stressed out and thank you for everything that you have done for us and we could use a little more help. that's my only public comment on that. regarding the other item i will pass on that but thank you. have a good night. >> thank you for all -- >> commissioner -- >> -- for your volunteer and service work and the
5:06 am
contributions to cit. yes chief. >> to address that. we moved cit to where they were on the professional standards on the fo b bureau and lieutenant molina was relocated to another office and the requests you made they're in progress. >> thank you. >> welcome back ms. brown. >> hi. i just wanted to bring up about my son again and about his case being unsolved and i would like to use the overhead concerning my son. he was murdered august 14, 2006. to day his kay isn't solved. again i am glad that we have a new inspector jim spling and the new person that you just hired. i would like to meet that person.
5:07 am
i would like them to give me a call so i have insight to my son's case. and i don't know if there's going to be -- i hoping you're the new police chief but if you're not if the new police -- whoever is the new police chief doesn't stop what is happening now, the actions taken now, it doesn't stop. like i said it's been ten years for this to happen and i don't want it to stop. i don't want people to forget my child. i know i come here and i know most of you and i smile but my pain is still there even though i am smiling in your face and hugging you. my pain is still there and i want you to know that that i am real serious about this. i want justice for my son. i keep bringing up these other young
5:08 am
people. i stand for these mothers. there's another mother's anniversary tomorrow, september 15, and she called me and asked me to stand with her and everyday i get those calls from those mothers i go through my pain again, but i need to stay strong so i can stand with them and i called her all day. i haven't heard from her but i will be there for her tomorrow. her case isn't solved either so still look at these faces and those new investigators that are coming look at cases. look at these young men that mothers are still suffering. i want to bring that up again. mayor gavin newsom when he was mayor he knew who killed my son. the da knew who killed my son. the police know who killed my son.
5:09 am
they can name individuals, their home addresses, and their names . you have all the names of the perpetrators that murdered my son and one was television last night "i had a hard life and i am changing my life around" but you're a murderer and you get on television. you say you're turning your life around but you still killed somebody. you became a comedian and his name is thomas hannibal so i heard he was on television last night. i wish i would have saw that because he's one of the perpetrators. paris moffit who is walking around and out of jail is one of the perpetrators and if they can have a second chance where's my chance? where's my justice? and if
5:10 am
they're watching i want them to see what they left me with and i have to watch them live their life and have a second chance. i'm not saying i want them to die. i don't want an eye for an eye but i want them to go to jail and think about what they have done and not get away with this because they changed their life around. you don't get out of jail card for it. >> thank you ms. brown. we want justice for awb brae too. public comment is now closed on both of those matters. sergeant please call the next item. >> item 5 public comment on all matters pertaining to item 7 below closed sez including
5:11 am
public comment on vote whether to hold item 7 in closed session. >> is there any public comment on this matter? public comment on matters pertaining to item 7 below on closed session and whether to hold it in closed session? >> yeah, i am [inaudible] johnson. this chief should be retained. >> thank you. no further public comment on this matter. hearing none public comment is now closed. sergeant please call the next item. >> item 6 vote on whether to hold item 7 in closed session san francisco administrative code section 67.ten. >> colleagues do have a motion for closed session? >> moved. >> second. >> that passes. ladies and gentlemen we're in closed session.
5:12 am
(closed session).commissioner l back in open session and you have a quorum. >> thank you sergeant. please call the next item. >> item 8 whether to disclose items seven in closed session. number. >> i have a motion. >> move to non disclose. >> all in favor say aye. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> all those in favor. >> aye. >> those opposed? okay. motion passes. >> [inaudible] [off mic]
5:13 am
>> i would vote no. >> i would vote no too -- [inaudible] [off mic] >> on advice of the city attorney no. >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> no, she asked for non disclosure. >> so i vote no. >> motion passes 5-2. >> item 9 adjournment action item. >> do i have a motion? >> [inaudible] [off mic] >> all those in favor? >> move. >> second. >> all those opposed? we are noadjournme. thank you.
5:14 am
>>[gavel] >> for the record this is the september 14, 2016 treasure island development authority board meeting. item number one call to order. >> transcend pating, here. mazzola, here. dunlop, here. tran samaha, here. kalb kim, here. we do have a quorum >> the first item is to allow the public to make any comments they would like the for the commission.
5:15 am
>> this is general public, and to allow numbers of the public to address the treasure island development authority board on matters within the subject matter jurisdiction of the authority board. they do not hear on today's agenda. numbers may adjust the board of to 3 min. >> i would like to remind the board that >> please announce your name >> i like to amount mind the board to request people to admit their names should you know my name on betty matthew but you're not supposed to ask. you're not supposed to make it a requirement. i've taken up for seconds just telling you
5:16 am
that. the other thing i like to bring up there are two things-illegal land transfer to ti cd i understand authority complete and you can smirk on me all you want ms. pating but this stuff is very real. to bring up the allocations were the current agreement with the group use exam and putting that on your bill going up island when this board has ignored all of these state laws supposed to bring forward replacement homes from everyone who is displaced. i'm accustomed to this board ignoring all of the residents of the euro point the island except those who kowtow to your plan and who aren't for typing. to get something better on the side. would you bring this out transparently in front of the public i want to make i wanted on the record that you guys have approved stealing public lands and giving it away from your $50 million. 70 acres of
5:17 am
san francisco owned land with 270° views of the date on which you plan to put primarily luxury housing. this board made me homeless. because the homes offered to me were either stairs that were tuesday to accommodate my disability were that were too small to accommodate my belongings. because i live for 11 years in a three bedroom-two bath units. i am now homeless because of this board. all of my belongings in storage. you people are all aware-every board member is all aware of the cost of living in san francisco. i live and work in vinton i made it abundantly clear when this process was going on. when i submitted questions and concerns to mr. beck i got zero response. he would take everything i said
5:18 am
and have a phone conversation with the villages attorney and then have that attorney contact my attorney and attorney wasn't representing me on any of this. so, this is the treatment i received it i know you perfectly are well aware and i know ms. pating you're ignoring me. this is absolutely consistent with the attention that any euro point resident has got from this board. so, there will be consequences. linear tower is thinking. your project should sing, too. >>good afternoon. charlie williams with todd. i want to give you an update i think it was meeting before made a presentation about the needs assessment and the services plan and i want to give you a little report on some progress we've made already. were about
5:19 am
to finish our family resource guide that were going to hand out to all the residents to get going before we actually develop the family resource center. we had a really great meeting with the department of children youth and families and were very much in alignment with the peas they're coming out this year. so, the fact that we have our needs assessment in our services plan already in place positions us very well for that. he also a very productive meeting with treasure island development authority staff, your staff, and identifying other recreation resources on the island for community residents. then, lastly, we are gangbusters really trying to get the use of your lab going at the ymca gym. i want to give you really update the were moving posting ahead and implement in some of those service plans objectives we had. >> thank you very much. >>anybody else in the public?
5:20 am
>> i'm lisa watch. i'm one of those illegally evicted and i'm hand delivering this letter to bob back today. to ask for remedy. for this illegal act. and it documents the things that happen to us during this process, the illegal things you've tried to do to us. so,- >> thank you. any other members of the public? so, hearing none,, the report by treasure island director. case. >> item number three report by treasure island director. >> thank you memories of the
5:21 am
board. august has been a busy month and we have a lot of new information to report. we did receive approval in memories from capital planning committee for the community facilities district infrastructure revitalization financing district resolutions of intent and will be preparing those legislative packages for introduction to the board of supervisors, overly, at next week's meeting. after today's meeting all be signing escrow documents in anticipation of the second when transfer from the navy which we hope to close on this friday. tomorrow, will be with treasure island community development seeking cc cbbc major permit for the first phase of development. this coming month will be working with ti cd aching and announcements about our leed
5:22 am
for neighborhood design certification. we've achieved lead of platinum and we will be putting out a press release on that to kind of highlight the milestones we achieved there. on the bay bridge, we are working with the transportation authority is taking the lead and working with the coast guard and caltrans to plan for some facilities at the vista point where the bike path is going to land on your beltway not island. that work will take some blind time to complete as were procuring materials but hopefully by early november those facilities will be in place. we've also worked with dpw and dpt to install traffic pillows and signage on hillcrest to a contract on hillcrest. we currently
5:23 am
communications with caltrans is the bike path may open as early as next week. we will be meeting with the ta and caltrans to determine to get more information on the opening and to determine whether bicycles and pedestrians will be allowed only to the landing platform that caltrans has constructed or ooff of the structure and onto your beltway not island. the west bound rams project is grand opening is anticipated to be in late october and we will continue to advise the board of any possible ribbon-cutting ceremony with that opening. in anticipation of that opening, additional traffic being introduced mccoll road were working with sf mta and dpw to refresh the striking and fill potholes on mccullough. the
5:24 am
27th and 28th were the treasure island fleet even on the island. we are now ramping up for the next treasure island fleet to be located on the east side of the island is that portion of the great lawn and parking lot are now inside of ti cd for demolition. event staff is also gearing up with treasure island music festival on the southeast corner of treasure island on the weekend of october 15 and 16th. this will be the events 10th anniversary on treasure island. even sap is also working to spread the word among city agencies and with event organizers for the fleet week festivities that with them no areas of the great lawn and the adjacent parking lot that
5:25 am
people traditionally used to view the airshow won't be accessible and to encourage people to explore other venues for watching the fleet week activities. there were also a number of filming projects on the island last week. last month including photography for vocal advertisements. we began composting service in the treasure island administration building and are working with -and ecology to make sure those that material can be composted dirt either passed out the stone from the department of environment will be having an event next friday the 23rd, with the life learning academy students and faculty. on the ybi habitat management plan. followed by nature walk and stewardship demonstration on ybi. yesterday, the master
5:26 am
leases with an 80 were approved at the board of supervisors. we are environmental consultant has also prepared a soil and groundwater management plan for the properties have been transferred from the navy and we are rolling out staff training on that management plan. the arts commission is also finalizing the draft arts master plan that will be bringing to the tida board future meetings of the itc and the full board. last month, also, marked the grand opening of the island cove market. its new location on avenue h and are up and running in their new and larger quarters. we continue to communicate with representatives of lucas museum on exploring the possibility of locating the museum on the
5:27 am
island and also meeting with state lands and then a department to discuss the implications and impacts of the museum potentially been cited on the island. we will be meeting with planning to burn stuff next week to initiate departmental evaluation discussion. demolition of the northernmost of the buildings will begin tomorrow. treasure island community development has taken bids for ybi utility and road weight work and relocation packages as well as historical building assessment of this worker buildings on treasure island. next packages to be advertised will be geotechnical cause weight work and causeway reconstruction as well as the treasure island utilities and infrastructure ccontract. on the navy's environmental program, the navy completed their discrete minor
5:28 am
locations, minor excavations work as part of the eight view time critical removal action. also as part of that project they demolished structures on how work" and they've also remote remote lies to complete their cleanup on bayside and worth point did that work is anticipated to be completed by the end of january. that concludes my report. >> thank you mr. beck. any questions? >> yes, mr. beck, thank you for that impressive record. that report contained a lot of milestones and i have two basic questions and comments. with regards to the lead certification this is a big give. this is a big deal. so, may i suggest for the press
5:29 am
release that we do not only just send a press release release that we need to target local national international markets could we get asked a lot about treasure island development and, as you know, this is one of dozens of signature projects in the world. everything we're doing here has implications or even development in san francisco and the bay area and the country. so, it significant given the work of this type of the consultants and the city and all the entities that make this happen. this commission to i think we need to do go beyond the call of duty to do that. so, we have ideas i would like to get to you. definitely, this would be just not a press release. because they press a lease goes out there and then nobody picks it up or wherever and the people are asking what is going on. one of the other
5:30 am
things i also has to do with the caltrans westbound opening and we also need to make a notice another significant milestone. i know it was slated for september it is now in october. that is fine, but at some point, we need to be part of the outreach efforts. actually have it planned celebration on treasure island just something that we can invite all the significant stakeholders get so everyone is on the same page about what is going on on treasure island and we can carry them along to again sometimes they hear all the negative stuff so whatever but we are doing a great deal here even with our [inaudible] the treasure island homeless initiative. in their accomplishment also needs to be way out there in front of everybody. so people can just learn information we need to disseminate and again thank you for your great work on all these things. >> go-ahead >> bob, i also just want to
5:31 am
note, yes, that was a busy month certainly, i'm glad to hear all the news. but i like to point out some things and have you perhaps repeat when they are occurring. the bike path and the vista point on the bay bridge is a significant accomplishment which a lot of people at work hard to get and the fact that you can now buy from the east they to treasure island is, i think the most significant. i am just hoping that we will mark that point and have some sort of celebration with our stakeholders the san francisco bicycle coalition per instance is very much actively involved in that advocacy and other stakeholders down there perhaps work with them so that we can celebrate this milestone. so
5:32 am
that is one thing. the other is, the free market which is been on our island for some time now. it's moving to a new location and you did report on that, but what was the time for the next fleamarket? >> the next we market is the last week of each month. so it will be the 29th-i'm sorry-the 30th will be a friday. it will be the 24th and 25th of september the was 24th and 25th and that'll be at a new location b was yes >> where is that locations the one that the patient is on avenue or november at the southeast corner of the object i'm sorry the northeast corner of the location. near n and 11. >> just of the public knows. again the treasure island music festival which also has signet
5:33 am
been in treasure island for some time that's happening on october 15 and 16th and will will that be located? >> that we on the southeast corner of gallant your pier one adobe some roadway closures avenue n and california as it approaches the site will be closed but while they do their setup and breakdown after the event. >> okay. i think it's absolutely wonderful that peter, from the department of the environment, they been working on the habitat management plan for some time. that they're going to be doing something with the academy of learning good it's a life learning academy which is for at-risk teens. that they're getting them involved in some of the environmental habitat work that is happening on the island. i think that should really be applauded. but those are my comments. >> thank you >> so, then the next item
5:34 am
please >> any public comment? item number four, communications from and received by tida communications bismarck from the navy and sf puc. russell several residential advisory newsletters and media publications among others. >> any comments from the board? if not, i would like to point out in the communications that there were two articles in the chronicle by john kane. one was just a report on some of the thinking on the lucas using them, which has not yet been fully vetted. it will eventually be coming to this commission. the other has to do with a report that he did on sea level rise around the site from the bay area. one of the key sites of courses treasure island. we actually have a plan
5:35 am
for c level rise that is one all sorts of awards. in fact, has become the model that the cdc uses for development along waterfront sites in the day. so, we should certainly commend the team that is been working with us on that. but that was reported in that chronicle article in the communications package. okay the next item >> item number five, ongoing business by board of directors. >> yes, commissioner richardson >> although this is not ongoing business, yesterday i had the privilege of attending an event in the bayview-hunters point. i also sit on the board of the bayview-hunters point multipurpose center. comcast has this program called internet essentials and the
5:36 am
[inaudible] was there and helping to promote this and i would like for the staff and for tie-dyed, for michelle to explore the opportunities from comcast could they are giving out laptops to low income residents to seniors, and it's a very very impressive program. given treasure island the profile of the population there, i also understand the mayor was there. very excited. he's on board and promoting this. this program is to be rolled out to san francisco public housing. so i just want to put it out there there's all kinds of goodies out there that we might be able to take advantage of. again, comcast is giving out the brand-new laptops and providing this internet you sent chills to folks that we know that we care
5:37 am
about on treasure island. thank you >> next item please >> item number six, consent agenda >>[reading ordinance] >> item 6-a proven the minutes of the autistic tent meeting. item 6b >>[reading ordinance] >> moved to approve >> all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the ayes have it. >> any public comment? item
5:38 am
number seven resolution authorizing an amendment to the small business enterprise procedures treasure island your bubbling up island to update the procedure to include provision for association of agreements. >> i don't have a formal presentation on this item. but wanted to counter it as a regular item within a consent item in case any members of the board had questions on it. more than a year ago we adopted the small business enterprise procedures for ti cd to follow in conjunction with their contracting for both consultant and construction services. the proposed amendment would allow them to utilize associations between partners in addition to join ventures informing business partnerships between lead both lead contractors and lead consultants. the thought is, this would be utilized more on the professional services side of things then on the construction services side of things, but the association is
5:39 am
a form of partnership but it doesn't involve creating a new legal entity as a joint venture partnership does. it just was believed to be a less burdensome way of allowing small businesses to partner with others to act in a prime role particularly as i mentioned on consultant services projects. ti cd brought this proposal to our attention after ocii adopted similar provisions in their small business enterprise procedures in the summer of 2015. so bring it to your for your consideration. >> are there any comments from the board? yes? >> so, who would okay the mergers? >> they would submit an association agreement just as they would normally submit a joint venture agreement to ti cd
5:40 am
. in a conjunction with their bitter or proposal. >> so instead of a joint venture with there be a contractor or subcontractor kind of thing? the was he would've an association agreement, which is a partnership agreement. again, they're meant to be acting as co-prime as they would if they were forming a legal joint venture entity. so, it's a co-prime rather than a contractor or subcontract relationship. >> okay. so these are >> these are complement three type of trades were to working together and instead of individually making the applications they do it to gather as associates, basically? >> yes. typically it would be,
5:41 am
yes, as you said complement three trades or disciplines. so, as we move forward with the next stage of consultant services for the second stage of development on the island, it would anticipated some of the consultant services, for example the civil engineering services rather than a large firm submitting as a prime or entering into a joint venture ship they would form an association partnership were that related disciplinary firm. so, they would likely be to civil engineering firms that won a major firm and one a small business that would form an association to act as the lead for the civil engineering work. >> you mentioned some other organizations last summer. >> i said ocii which is the
5:42 am
opposite community infrastructure investment which is the former redevelopment agency. adopted similar provisions last two. >> we know that it's project based so were project and again it helps also to small farms. so, i think it's a great idea and i will i think it should be passed >> i think it certainly makes it easier for small businesses to be included to give them a chance at contracting opportunities. yes. >> some of >> before we take action can we hear from the public? any comments from the public? if not we've got a motion >> moved and seconded. the was all those in favor say, aye >>[chorus of ayes] opposed? the ayes have it. next item, please >> item number eight, as envisioned by sf public library on mobile outreach services. >> i have some handouts.
5:43 am
would you like to have it now? >> yes, please >> anodes are on the pulp for the public on the table thank you for having my name is suzanne beatty manager mobile outreach services. san francisco public library. i'm going to give you an overview what we been doing on the islands and future thoughts and plans for the as we move into the future with the development of treasure island. so, the department we have for book mobiles and poor service lines. three of them go to the island. we've got the tech mobile and
5:44 am
children's services, with the early literacy mobile and the green bookmobile that is basically a mobile branch that goes twice a week to the island. the biweekly service has been around, i believe, per last 5-6 years were currently in our fourth location. in october, of 2015, we moved to actually come a couple years ago we moved to the chapel parking market that's where we are now. it's where the star is in this slide. we are there mondays and thursdays 10-1 pm on monday and thursdays-one-5 pm to honestly we have a lot of residents coming, teens, mothers with children. workers. people work on treasure island but leave at the end of the day. job court youth. young adults, and tourist spot in every once in a while, take seo book mobile
5:45 am
sitting there on a party not in treasure onto dvds, multimedia items are a big draw as are the team materials. reserves. so come out in our department we don't usually participate in link lust which is a system where you can get reserves but also materials from other library systems. but for treasure island that's the one service we have where the residents can request books from other library systems. so, the tech mobile programs year we launched the tech mobile last april and on treasure island, we begin service at the after school program at the ymca in january. harrison streamed here are some screenshots of gives doing ipad animation encoding, and this is shauna sherman in the interior of the vehicle given a class.
5:46 am
this fiscal year actually beginning on monday, were going to start coding classes at the wide twice a month. so, the first and third monday of every month we'll be out there. shauna will be doing a long-term coding course with the kids where they're learning how to use codes to great animation and games online. so the early literacy mobile goes out as well once a month. we go to the child development center and we been going there since 2009. eve bakker she is on the picture on the bottom left, she's doing a puppet storytime and she did report to me that out of the 30 some odd sites we go to, in san francisco, and treasure island, the teachers there are the most engaged and use her resources as a children's early child the moment at work and children's librarian the most out of all the other sites we go to. they
5:47 am
consistently rotate 50 board books every month and that's the most out of the whole all of our sites. so the very robust and requesting materials that fit in with the things they're working on so that enhances their curriculum and the work they're doing with the kids. it's a very good partner there. so just deliver the feedback we've gotten in anecdotes that have gathered from my staff out there. in general, it's about being grateful and thankful that we are there as their elaborate cooking and of note, is one quotation from the director at the ymca. san francisco tech mobile has brought such a great expense to our youth. the ymca and our kids have again to explore the world of coding and is really sparked an interest
5:48 am
in our youth. that's good to hear. that is nice. then i thought was interesting, too, about the dvds. sometimes people come in on their on thursday they know they're not really the island all we can and there like we have entertainment for the weekend. they get their dvds and books and they're ready to go. so future plans. a couple things get one thing as we've talked about this can be the demolition along that swath of land from the chapel parking lot up north and so we are going to be looking for a new location. i been working closely with peter somerville to target an optimal location. i did mention that were on her fourth location. what kind of costly trying to find high-traffic high visibility areas so that makes it worth were going out there and touch as many people as possible. right now were looking at the local new location for the island: it just because markets are usually places in other parts of the country were bookmobiles go. not just in san francisco with the parking
5:49 am
issues and not a lot of parking lots to pull up in. but this could work out for temporary period sober exploring that. i'm also interested in kind of deepening our relationship with some bigger umbrellas community -gatekeepers i'm interested in looking at tie-dye a little bit and i know we've been there before but maybe there's a way we can hook in closer two programs are doing with were even like the food pantries can go on a date or super busy. we could be there and hit lots of different groups at the same target i love to hear from you if you have suggestions about places where groups are we can hook in with we can just get more bang for our buck in the time we are out there. also, looking forward to future plans, but interested in doing a little more outreach out there so maybe being back what i heard we used to do before i was the manager of the department kind of an annual
5:50 am
celebration for library services that we would kind of trade some buzz and throw something little for people to come on board and maybe even participate in other 80 annual wide events that if you could make suggestions to me even off-line i'd appreciate that, too. so any questions from you? >> yes, thank you so much for that report. the library is such an incredible resource. to allow residents and it's great that you're taking that extra effort to go to treasure island. i think certainly, sherry williams and tight i is here and certainly you can have conversations with her about how to best utilize your services and where to take that technote mobile which is wonderful that you're providing coding and other workshops for teens and young adults. the y is a certainly another area of
5:51 am
vocation a lot of services and also the health clinic. these are all places where services are given to treasure island residents and having the library resources there i think would also augment that. >> wonderful >> directors? any questions doing >> yes. thank you susan. this is a wonderful program and is very comforting that of all the sites you visited that the enthusiasm and everyone treasure island is coming out. it's one of the places that are utilizing this wonderful program. you mentioned about on mondays, you are there from 10-1 pm and i am wondering on the weekends if you get more traction if you could consider on the weekend because on the hours between the hours of 10-1 pm kids might be in school. so
5:52 am
you are getting the later hours i know we will have to rethink your resources. it would be excellent. i think the best thing we can never do for the kids is open their world to meeting. it's the ultimate. there's no other thing we can do to motivate them. and for them to delve into learning and reading books is number one thing in the world. so can you rethink those hours. >> definitely >> try to provide him and then cheryl of tie-dye is the key. throughout the year she has all these programs that are taking place and i think a marriage between you and her, the more you are out there and i think the more the visibility the more were able to get to the kids. i mentioned earlier, that opportunities for laptops and you saw those pictures did at
5:53 am
some point, we would like to borrow some of those pictures you showed us there. so we can actually because every now and then people want to know about the quality of life of the kids on the island and we have healthcare for them. we have all kinds, make sure their transportation we have internet we have i mean, now you have the bookmobile. it would be great to be able to put all those together when the supervisors or the stakeholders are asking about them so they get all that information did so think about the hours you extend that or change that when the kids are afterschool. it might be every helpful and also helping their homework. >> thank you. that is good feedback >> commissioner dunlop >> thank you for your work. is very crucial for everyone but a couple of basic questions. i've never seen a bookmobile in san francisco so i don't know what they look like actual. what is it what is the difference between eight i can the hours we currently have that that you may change given some of the changes you might do. are the
5:54 am
bookmobile and the tech mobile there at the same time or are they >> at different times >> different times, okay. so, the bookmobile has books in it that people can just check out in the library and they go in there may pick out a book >> books, dvds audio books >> got it. on the mobiles what they get the was exactly but like i said they can place holds, request materials that will then be brought the next time he was the next time you go out there that book will be available to them load out to them >> exactly >> wonderful. the other question is, do you send e-mails to the population at treasure island? how do they-besides i guess certain locations with a already know to go, but how do new people on the island find out about the
5:55 am
bookmobile? >> good question do we work closely with peter so we let him know what were doing. we put signs up. that's part of the outreach that i want to do this. like the launch of having more concrete marketings so that's a good question. because that speaks basically is what were doing a >> it seems to be we probably have a mechanism for outreach to the island to tie-dye and the ymca. you know these are all good agencies that already have a way to reach the population at treasure island. so that would be good to connect with them and do a mutual outreach. to the residence >> yes >> this is for kids and adults? >> exactly >> great. okay, thank you >> thank you so much. this is an informational items of those though action required. thank you very much for your report.
5:56 am
>> any public comment? >> there's a second part to the presentation. catherine cormier was also going to speak on this item. >> i'm kathy cormier without [inaudible] new teen center. at the main library where work with 13-18 we also in agreement with job court that some other students when they come to the mainland greek elected to come on a bus tour we do love to come on wednesday nights to take him to the services even the ones were of 2/8 24 were part of the job court program. i do have some handouts for you and more over here. but, one thing to note i understand that a lot of the services on treasure island are close on saturday so currently the mix is open to tuesday-saturday. we are open to any teens ages 13-18 were in high school want to come to use the mexican is
5:57 am
located at the main lab report is one year old get like a toddler at this point in a happy to say that one of our most loyal patrons is a student at life learning academy. is our ambassador and i figure presented it too late to you to show this part of his presentation but you can go to our website and check out the [inaudible] some of the youth produced audiovideo get a lot of what you been talking about these resources but the other resources available at the library completely free to all the patrons. so am happy to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you so much. the library is such a wonderful resource and it's really heartening to hear you're targeting teenagers and particularly giving them the skills in an area with avid interest which is audio and video and all those different media that is not so current and to give them that access. so, really thank you for your
5:58 am
efforts. we appreciate it >> thank you the was thank you, too. the same hours that same question so that we can maximize this program. >> yes good one thing i can add is that we have been approved by the board of supervisors to add additional library and get why were currently opened five days a week tuesday-saturday were hopeful by the end of this fiscal year 2017, we will be open seven days a week. so much better served teams in the community without resource >> fantastic. thank you for your work. >> thank you. if there's no-yes be public? >> i just want to echo how incredible an asset the bookmobile is and how they have really endeavored to reach the community and the fact that
5:59 am
they have moved in these different locations was really just there effort to try to reach as many people as possible but just on the point of outreach, that is-the thinking for the family resource guide and the family resource center that the more that we can have an compiled in one place as opposed to constantly like leaf letting people or a new flyer or whatever there gets lost on your doorstep they rashly have almost like the treasure island bible of things to do. for families and youth on the island, so all of this information will be in that family resource guide the legal to have by the end of next month. we can share with you then. >> great. wonderful. thank you, cheryl. let's have the next item please >> item number nine, informational presentation concerning execution of the lease with sep associates for proximate 10,000 ft.2 of space located at the great lawn too great a separate container restaurant facility. >> we will probably be
6:00 am
bringing this lease is an action item mmy next month, but the lease was not quite finalized. so wanted to go ahead and brief you on it this month. >> good afternoon richard betty treasure island development authority. today we are presenting an informational item concerning the new lease with the sep associates for proximate 10,000 ft.2 of unimproved land located on the north corner of the great lawn area for developing and operating a container restaurant facility. on may 29, 2015 the navy transferred all its property in your book going up island and portions of the property at treasure island to the authority. major phase 1 plan under the treasure island development project commenced really early 2016 which includes the construction of several structures on treasure island including building 183 which is the current location of the treasure island bar


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